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"GANDHI'S GIFT": With rare archival photographs and footage, with commentary by historians and those who knew him, with brilliant insights into his mind during his final, tragic and triumphant years, with his prescient message of nonviolence, interfaith harmony and sustainability. His Gift could be more crucial for humanity now than even when he walked the earth. This is Gandhi For The 21st Century.

"A beautiful and inspiring preview. I can think of no one more able to bring Gandhi and his message to life on the screen than Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas of Heaven on Earth Creations. They have brought such amazing figures as Rumi ("Rumi Returning") and Martin Luther King, Jr. ("In Remembrance of Martin") to us in prior films. I await "Gandhi's Gift" with much anticipation."
Marlene Goldsmith, Pittsburgh

With your tax deductible gift , you will be assisting in the completion of this timeless documentary with its world-changing message.
Cynthia and Kell
Email us if you or your organization would like to host a screening of any of our films. "Globalized Soul"  is perfect for screening during the Season For Nonviolence (January 30-April 4), on 9-11, Unity World Day of Prayer, September 21 (UN International Day of Peace), October 2 (Gandhi Day, UN International Day of Nonviolence) and October 24 (Global Oneness Day).
Welcome to Heaven on Earth Creations
We formed our non-profit Heaven on Earth Creations in 2004 and since then have created six documentaries about transformative people and ideas to include The Consciousness of the Christ, Rumi Returning (shown on 330 PBS stations) and In Remembrance of Martin (an anniversary version of the tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., commissioned by Coretta Scott King and shown on PBS as an Official Event of the 1987 King Holiday).

Our latest interfaith documentary is Globalized Soul:  Stories from the Tipping Point to a New World, which shows the transcendent history of humanity and its emergent potential during the difficult but exhilarating dawn of the Global Village.

Read about our new documentary about the life of Gandhi, told by family and friends who knew him best, Gandhi's Gift. We believe that the man and his message are even more important now than when he walked the earth.

Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas

A few comments from those who have hosted screenings and seen "Globalized Soul":

"Globalized Soul is a sensitively made film on peace.  It leaves you with a positive feeling that peace is possible if we know how to build it."
 -- Arun Gandhi, President, Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute, and Co-Founder, The Season For Nonviolence

"Globalized Soul reminds us, as I say in the film, to ask ourselves what divine idea is seeking to be birthed within us. I recommend the film for consideration to Unity spiritual centers around the world."
 -- Rev. James Trapp, President & CEO, Unity Worldwide Ministries 

"Once you embody the mystical insight that we are all connected, what are you going to do with that wisdom? Can you take the next logical step and seek to alleviate any suffering that you see in the world? That's what Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas call to us to do in their latest movie, Globalized Soul."
 -- Rev. Mark Gilbert, United Centers for Spiritual Living

"This time Producers Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas have embraced the whole planet."
-- Journal of India, April 12, 2011

"We truly enjoyed and appreciated the film, 'Globalized Soul' shown recently in the UK. It blesses us all as we recognise our oneness with each other, and the amazing work that many are doing around the world to be the peace, love and help which unites us all. Thank you for creating this great film."
 -- Kimerie Mapletoft, Unity Maidenhead, London, UK

“Through its heart-centred approach, Globalized Soul encourages a deeper understanding of the unity of all people. It inspires us to open our eyes to the One Life and awaken to the essential truths at the heart of our being. Through this awareness we can really make a positive change and help the world to live in greater harmony."
-- Susan Bayliss, Director, Foundation for Theosophical Studies, UK

"In these days of troubled faith relations, this is a highly pertinent and significant film."
 -- Judy Lee Trautman, Co-Chair, Multi-Faith Council of NW Ohio

"You are indeed a blessing to the world and have blessed our congregation mightily."
 -- Rev. Patricia Bass, Senior Minister, Unity Church of Overland Park

"We found your film marvelous.  We were all taken with the ideas and the interviews."
 -- Rev. George Honn, CSL Inland Empire, San Bernadino

"I am just over the moon after our incredible, nearly sold-out Sneak Preview screening of Globalized Soul for the SAGE Institute at the Harwood Museum this afternoon!"
 -- Diana Rico, Board Member, SAGE Institute of the Environment, Creativity and Consciousness, Taos

"Globalized Soul touched my heart and inspired me to express more visible love in my life. . . .we wanted to build a Global Harmony conference around the film. . .The film added so much to the success of our conference, and it was a bonus to have Cynthia there!" 
-- Rev. Joanna Gabriel, Unity Light of the World Church, Miami Gardens, FL

-- Mark Aronson, Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

"Well done with fine world music.  A mosaic of religious teachings of the great religious thinkers and teachers offering an opportunity for humanity to see its oneness and the universal love at the heart of that oneness."
 -- George Peknik, Albuquerque Wellness Examiner, June 24, 2012

"Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring film.  Your film can change the world!"  
 -- Teresa Lichle, Center for Spiritual Living, Morristown

"The Interfaith Consciousness we have experienced with you is precious and timely."
 -- Joey Gorka, Centers for the Mystical Union Sharing Interfaith Consciousness, Sedona,
Sarasota and Saugatuck

"I experienced a deep sense of hope for humanity and our planet after watching Globalized Soul.  Watching it is like experiencing a healing meditation for the heart and mind." 
 -- Rev. James King, Minister, Unity Church of Greenville